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The future is positrons!

Blazar is an opinionated, feature-rich, react-redux-based SDK that makes developing web apps fast and fun.

This repository contains the core of Blazar. Unless you are a Blazar developer, you probably want to visit this other repo instead.


Blazar has been designed with developers in mind.

It strives to offer a wow-factor development experience by providing best-of-breed, ready-to-use tools for all step of web development (from writing code to creating a minified/optimised bundle, and everything in-between).

Blazar also strives for pushing developers to write idomatic code, and thus define a number of code and style convention that are strictly enforced.

Finally, blazar has been designed with orthogonality in mind, and has support for additional blazar-packages that can add layers of functionality as per need.

Docs and Help