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SKY UX provides an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework to implement Blackbaud’s design patterns, along with the guidance to handle visual design and interaction patterns.


You have three options to consume SKY UX. The first and easiest is to point your site to our CDN, which you can read about in our Getting Started guide.

The second option is to install SKY UX via Bower:

bower install blackbaud-skyux

The third option is to install SKY UX via NPM:

npm install blackbaud-skyux

If you install via Bower or NPM, you need to include the same files as indicated in the Getting Started guide but with the URL pointing to your own web server rather than the CDN. You may also use a hybrid approach where you load SKY UX via the CDN and fall back to a version hosted by your web server if the CDN is unavailable.

Note: Before you install via Bower or NPM, you must install Git.


We highly encourage contributions from all SKY UX users. We just ask you to follow the coding conventions in the existing code and to write the appropriate documentation and unit tests for your feature.

For information about how to contribute, see the SKY UX contributing guidelines.

Filing Issues

To file a bug, just go to the issues page and create an issue. We operate under the expectation that we will close bugs within two weeks of filing. On the newly created issue, you can select an option to subscribe to email notifications about commits, comments, and releases related to the bug so that you can know exactly where the bug is within its lifecycle.


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