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Utilities module for node and backendjs


  • splitArray(str) - split a string into an array separated by commas, supports quoted strings
  • countWords(word, text) - return how many time word appears in the text, uses Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm
  • countAllWords(list, text) - return an object with counters for each word from the list, i.e. how many times each word appears in the text, uses Aho-Corasick algorithm
  • countWordsInit() - clears word counting cache
  • snappyCompress(str) - compress a string
  • snappyUncompress(str) - decompress a string
  • zlibCompress(str) - compress a string
  • zlibUncompress(str) - decompress a string
  • unzip(zipfile, outdir) - extract a zip archive into directory
  • unzipFile(zipfile, file [, outfile]) - extract a file from zip archive, return contents if no outfile s specified
  • zipFiles(zipfile) - return a slist of all files in the zip archive
  • run(command, callback) - run shell command and return all output to the callback
  • getUser([user]) - return an object with user info from the /etc/passwd file, user can be uid or name
  • getGroup([group]) - return an object with specified group info for the current user of for the given group id or name
  • Geohash support
    • geoDistance(lat1, lon1, lat2, lon2) - return distance between 2 coordinates in km
    • geoBoundingBox(lat, lon, distance) - return bounding box geohash for given point around distance
    • geoHashEncode(lat, lon, len) - return geohash for given coordinate, len defines number of bytesin geohash
    • geoHashDecode(hash) - return coordinates for given geohash
    • geoHashAdjacent(geohash, dir) - return adjacent boxes for the given base in the given direction, dir is one of top,left,right,bottom
    • geoHashGrid(geoshash, steps) - return grid of all neighboring boxes around the center, steps defines how many boxes in each direction from the center. With steps = 1 the returned matrix is 3x3
    • geoHashRow(geohash, steps) - same as grid but returns only one row, i.e. left of right of the center
  • initBusy(ms) - setup busy monitor to track if incoming requests processing takes longer than given period in milliseconds
  • isBusy() - return true if currently request processing takes longer than configured interval
  • getBusy() - returns current lag for processing requests
  • getTimeOfDay([type]) - return current time in microseconds, if type == 1 returns ad double seconds.microseconds, if type == 2 returns an object { tv_sec: T, tv_usec: U }


For whatever reason npm exits with error gyp: name 'openssl_fips' is not defined...... run it as

  npm i bkjs-utils --openssl_fips=X


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