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Minimal blog engine for Git and Markdown enthusiasts

Waste everything but Git and Markdown

Demo (in other words, my blog)

  • Publish entry by "git push"
  • Write entry in Markdown
  • Suitable for text content
  • Pure Node.js server
  • Simple code base that you can easily hack on
  • Node.js v0.10.0 or later
  • "git" command

On the server side, do as follows. Replace "blogdir" with your desired directory.

$ npm install -g bitter
$ mkdir blogdir
$ cd blogdir
$ bitter setup

Then start the server. Specify listen port with environment variable PORT.

$ PORT=1341 bitter server

On the local machine, clone blogdir/notes.git.

$ mkdir localclone
$ git clone user@host:blogdir/notes.git localclone/notes

To post an entry

In the cloned repository on the local machine, write an entry in Markdown with your favorite editor, then save it as year/month/ Do git push to publish it.

$ mkdir -p 2013/05
$ echo "# Test\n\nHello World" > 2013/05/
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "add test entry"
$ git push origin master

To edit an existing entry

On the local machine:

$ vim 2013/05/
$ git add -u
$ git commit -m update
$ git push origin master

To delete an entry

On the local machine:

$ git rm 2013/05/
$ git commit -m delete
$ git push origin master

Put your static files under the directory that entry resides. Those files can be referred to by relative path. For example, to embed 2013/05/images/winter.jpg, write following code in 2013/05/

![Winter photo](images/winter.jpg)

If you put static files under "public" directory, those files can be referred to by absolute path. For example, to embed public/images/spring.jpg:

![Spring photo](/images/spring.jpg)

To view entry on local machine

First, install Bitter on local machine.

$ npm install -g bitter

Then clone notes.git from server as bare repository.

$ mkdir localblogdir
$ cd localblogdir
$ git clone --bare user@host:blogdir/notes.git

cd to notes.git, and do bitter gitconfig.

$ cd notes.git
$ bitter gitconfig
created ../notes for worktree
successfully configured

Now notes directory has set up automatically.

$ cd ..
$ ls
notes notes.git

Run the server.

$ PORT=1341 bitter server
[Sat Jun 01 2013 05:48:08] indexing...done (10 ms)
[Sat Jun 01 2013 05:48:08] Server started on port 1341

Open http://localhost:1341/ with a browser.

Then add that local repository as remote.

$ cd localclone/notes
$ git remote add local ~/localblogdir/notes.git

After you commit some changes in localclone/notes, do git push local master to apply it to local machine, and do git push origin master to apply it to the server.

$ git push local master
(Now commits are applied to local machine)

$ git push origin master
(Now commits are applied to the server)

Create a branch for a draft in your repository.

$ cd localclone/notes
$ git checkout -b draft

Do some commits, then push that branch to local.

$ git push local

Also checkout the branch in localblogdir/notes.git.

$ cd localblogdir/notes.git
$ git checkout draft