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FORK OF node-bitly - Unofficial Bitly API for react

node-bitly - Unofficial Bitly API for nodejs

NPM version

Current Versions

  • v6.0.x - Support for Node >=6. Available on npm as npm install bitly@latest
  • v5.1.x - Support for Node >=4. Available on npm as npm install bitly@stable

Version 5 is end-of-life and will only recieve minor updates in the future and is considered stable. This will only ever support the Bitly v3 API

Version 6 is the current in-development version, re-written in Typescript. This version currently only supports the Bitly v3 API and will continue to do so in v6.0.x. Version 6.1.x will introduce Bitly v4 support.

Module Features

This module provides calls to the Bitly API for Nodejs.

For more information on the API request and responses visit the Bitly API docs

node-bitly is programmed with TypeScript but is compiled to JavaScript and supports node 6, 8, 10. When you import the client you get full type information. There maybe be some gaps in the information but this will be filled in, in future releases.

Currently node-bitly only supports Bitly's v3 API and has this hard coded in the parameter type. Support for version 4 will be added in a future release


To install via NPM type the following: npm install bitly

You can also install via git by cloning: git clone /path/to/bitly


This library uses the API provided by bitly and requires an OAuth token to use. To get your access token, visit OAuth Apps (under Generic Access Token)

See for format of returned objects from the API

To see the available libary APIs, you can view the API Documentation offline, or you can view the index here (the generated documentation does not work on Github).


TypeScript / ES6 Imports

import { BitlyClient } from 'bitly-react';
const bitly = new BitlyClient('<accessToken>', {});
async function init() {
  let result;
  try {
    result = await bitly.shorten('');
  } catch (e) {
    throw e;
  return result;


const { BitlyClient } = require('bitly-react');
const bitly = new BitlyClient('<accessToken>', {});
let result;
try {
  result = await bitly.shorten(uri);
} catch(e) {
  throw e;
return result;

If you are not using node 8 then you can still use the library with Promise values:

const BitlyClient = require('bitly-react');
const bitly = new BitlyClient('<accessToken>');
  .then(function(result) {
  .catch(function(error) {

You can also do raw requests to any Bitly endpoint. With this you need to pass the access token to the method

const BitlyClient = require('bitly-react');
const bitly = new BitlyClient('<accessToken>');
try {
  return await bitly.bitlyRequest('link/referrers_by_domain', {
    link: '',
    unit: 'hour',
    timezone: 'Europe/Amsterdam'
} catch(e) {
  throw e;


To run tests type npm test. Please note one test will fail if you use your own API key, please update the string accordingly.

Support This Project

This module is a side project of mine and I don't actively use the module except to completly over-engineer the CI pipeline and re-write it in Typescript all in the name of learning. But to add features like the v4 API would take a lot of work, so if you use this library a lot please consider donating using the links below. Or if you learned something useful from one of my blog posts talking about the changes I've done with this module please consider leaving a tip.

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