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    Doichain Support Module for Bitcore (based on Namecoin version)

    bitcore-doichain adds doichain support to bitcore for creating doichain name_* transactions, private keys, and scripts in Node.js and web browsers.

    Note: This is still experimental software. This module is not intended for use in production environments, or for use where real money is at stake, at this point.

    See the main bitcore repo for more information.

    Getting Started

    npm install bitcore-doichain
    yarn add bitcore-doichain
    bower install bitcore-doichain

    To create a doichain wallet (privateKey & publicKey) and register it at a doichain dApp (so you can retrieve UTXO's)

    import bitcore from "bitcore-doichain";
    const wallet = bitcore.createWallet(name)
    const url = bitcore.getUrl()+"/api/v1/importpubkey"
    bitcore.registerPublicKey(url, wallet.publicKey)

    To get a Doichain Address from a Doichain PublicKey and request UTXO's (and balances)

    import bitcore from "bitcore-doichain";
    const addr = bitcore.getAddressOfPublicKey(publicKey)
    const amount = 0.05 //amount (in DOI) to send - amount determines the required amount of utxos to be used as inputs
    const response = await bitcore.getUTXOAndBalance(addr.toString(),amount)
    response.balanceAllUTXOs //balance of all UTXO's of this address
    response.amountUsedUTXOs //the amount of all used utxos which are required to fullfil the requested amount
    response.change //the change which results between the amount to spend and the amount of used UTXOs
    response.utxos //the full unspent transactions with details in an array

    To import a doichain WIF (from vanitygen, for example):

    // return bitcore with namecoin commands overlayed
    var bitcore = require('bitcore-doichain');
    var privateKey = bitcore.PrivateKey.fromWIF('74pxNKNpByQ2kMow4d9kF6Z77BYeKztQNLq3dSyU4ES1K5KLNiz');
    var address = privateKey.toAddress();
    console.log( address.toString());
    // NAMEuWT2icj3ef8HWJwetZyZbXaZUJ5hFT

    To create a name_new transaction:

    var bitcore = require('bitcore-doichain');
    var tx = new bitcore.Transaction()
      .nameNew('d/name', 'randomvalue', 'mzGfeiJFdQyiuQnhB45aeBYefzHJSsiSfj')
      .sign(privKeySet); // utxo and nameNew output addrs need to have privKeys here
    // now we can broadcast out to the network
    var serialized = tx.serialize();

    To create a name_firstupdate transaction:

    var tx = new bitcore.Transaction()
      .from([utxo, nameNewUtxo])
      .nameFirstUpdate('d/name', '092abbca8a938103abcc', 'VALUE', 'mzGfeiJFdQyiuQnhB45aeBYefzHJSsiSfj')
      .sign([privKeys[inputAddr], privKeys[nameNewAddr]]);
    var serialized = tx.serialize();

    To create a name_update transaction:

    var tx =  new bitcore.Transaction()
      .nameUpdate('AAAAAAAAAA', 'CCCCCCCCCC', 'mkGdewyuvU13uHzpMUZe2t8ii4LKgKC8mE')
    var serialized = tx.serialize();


    bitcore-doichain works by pulling in bitcore and then adding Namecoin-specific version constants, name operation functions onto Transaction, and patches a few bitcore functions that do not allow for altcoin compatability (specifically bitcore.Script.fromString and Transaction.prototype._fromNonP2SH). These will hopefully by replaced by native Bitcore functions as I work to improve Bitcore's altcoin compatability.


    Contributions are welcome! See CONTRIBUTING.md on the main bitcore repo for information about how to contribute.


    Code released under the MIT license.

    Written in 2015 by Brandon Robertz.


    npm i bitcore-doichain

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