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    Bitbucket command line interface based on

    Currently it is able to do these things from the command line:

    • Store your encrypted bitbucket credentials
    • List pull requests
    • Create pull requets


    As a command line junky, I wanted to be able to create pull requests quickly without having to use bitbucket's browser interface. I also wanted to be able to list out all pull requests so I could be a more expedient merge master.


    Install node.js.

    Then, in your shell type:

    $ npm install -g bitbucket-cmd


    First use
    $ bitbucket

    It will prompte you for the repositories subdirectory url. IT AUTO-SUPPLIES THE PROPER BITBUCKET API URL PREFIX You type in your repo name (for example phase2tech/bla_dev_vm) and then hit return a couple times

    Repository subdir URL:

    then the username/password prompt should appear

    Username: xxxxxx
    Password: xxxxxx

    PLEASE note this password is an APP PASSword as described here: and NOT your account password

    Once you hit enter after the password then you should get this message:

    Information stored!

    This saves your credentials (base64 encoded) in the ~/.bitbucket-cmd folder. Named config.json You can set a BITBUCKET_CONFIG environment variable to use a different directory (this allows for multiple sources of bitbucket repos) than the default current-working-direct/.bitbucket-cmd.


    Please note that the "reviwers" section is added to the config.json file. I've added check to see if this section is empty and just submit PR's without reviewers if necessary. However it is sensitive. Valid default reviewer syntax is as follows:

      "auth": {
        "url": "",
        "user": "yourbbusername",
        "token": "yourpasswordthatistokenizedforyou"
      "reviewers": [
        { "username" : "yourbestbud" }

    Your reviewers are setup in the bitbucket settings section on the bitbucket admin page of the repo. Please note the password is tokenized and hashed for you. So when prompted for the password just paste or type it in, and the bitbucket-cmd will tokenize it for you. That means what is stored in config.json is NOT what you typed in, just fyi.

    Beware-of-the-json-death-by-brackets-syntax: Nested objects are a bitch - not much I can do about that.


    Usage: bitbucket [options] [command]




    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number

    Each command have individual usage help (using --help or -h), so bitbucket pr -h will give pr specific help.

    For example the pr command has these options

    -l, --list                  List Open Pull Requests
    -r, --merged                List Merged Pull Requests
    -m, --merge <pr_num>        Merge Pull Request
    -c, --create <title>        Create Pull Request
    -d, --description <description>   Description for PR
    -s, --source <branch name>  Source Branch
    -t, --to <branch name>      Destination Branch
    -f, --diff <pr_num>         Diff Pull Request
    -d, --decline <pr_num>      Decline Pull Request


    bitbucket pr -l

    The above command will output something like this:

     ID    Author        Source                             Destination     Title                                               State  Reviewers
     3126  wdranvaud     MTIC-1038-map-alpha-sort           release/1.6.16  MTIC-1038 views exposed filter alphabetical sor...  OPEN
     3125  wdranvaud     MTIC-1038-map-alpha-sort           develop         MTIC-1038 views exposed filter alphabetical sor...  OPEN   ezeedub
     3120  wdranvaud     MTIC-925-flag-button-fix           release/1.6.16  MTIC-925 fix CSS on marketplace flag as inappro...  OPEN
     3114  wdranvaud     MTIC-1044-audition-center-sidebar  release/1.6.16  MTIC-1044 display Audition Central on sidebar       OPEN
     3107  wdranvaud     MTIC-894-question-title-reversed   release/1.6.16  MTIC-894 place title above body of question         OPEN
     3082  wdranvaud     MTIC-1067-default-publish-locale   release/1.6.16  MTIC-1067 display translated content by default...  OPEN
     2968  ryan_smylski  feature/MTIE-471--echeck           release/2.0.0   [MTIE-471] - Rounded out xpresspay for e-check ...  OPEN   dan_shumaker
     3066  ezeedub       feature/MTIE-471--echeck           ecommdevelop    [MTIE-471]  Rounded out xpresspay for e-check p...  OPEN


    To create a pull request you could do it like this:

    bitbucket pr -c "test pr" -s feature/MTIE-503-Package-Content -t master

    It will create a pull request and output something like this:

    Create Pull Request
    Created PR @

    I really hope you enjoy this tool!


    npm i bitbucket-cmd

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