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Build Status # BitArray: A simple bit array/bit field library in pure JavaScript

BitArray is based on the Ruby library BitArray by Peter Cooper (

Basic, pure JavaScript bit field.


Create a bit array 1000 bits wide:

var ba = new BitArray(1000);

Setting and reading bits:

ba.set(100, 1);
ba.get(100); // => 1 
ba.set(100, 0);
ba.get(100); // = > 0 


var ba = new BitArray(20);
[1,3,5,9,11,13,15].forEach(function(i){ ba.set(i, 1) });
ba.toString(); // => "01010100010101010000" 


The total_set method is not ported for now.

There might be bugs, this is just a quick port. Non-sucky tests would be awesome. hinthint (The test file from the original repo should be ported.)


MIT licensed. Copyight 2012 Thomas Fuchs, yada yada. Original library: Copyright 2007-2012 Peter Cooper, yada yada.