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Twitter bip-pod-twitter

Twitter pod for bipio.


From bipio server root directory

npm install bip-pod-twitter
./tools/pod-install.js -a twitter [-u optional account-wide channel auto install]

The pod-install script is a server script which will register the pod with the bipio server and add sparse configuration to your NODE_ENV environment config ('default.json', staging or production) keyed to 'twitter', based on the default config in the pod constructor. It will also move the pod icon into the server cdn

Manually restart the bipio server at your convenience.

Twitter App Registration

A Twitter Consumer Key and Secret is needed to use this pod. Register your application at

note When setting 'callback url' on Twitter, do not use localhost and do not leave the field empty. Use something like BipIO will figure out the rest. reference


Bipio Docs


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