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# bionode-template > Template module to use as a base for quickly creating bionode modules.

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This provides a quick template to build a bionode module. A bionode module should follow the Unix philosophy and play nice with Node.js.

That is:

To try to maximize the compatibility of the new module and anticipate possible use cases, the authors of the new bionode module should be aware of the existing bionode modules and other useful projects like Dat.

The following sections should be adapted and included in the file.


Install bionode-template with npm:

$ npm install bionode-template

To use it as a command line tool, you can install it globally by adding -g .

Alternatively, just include bionode-template.min.js via a <script/> in your page or use Browserify.


You can require the module in Node.js or in a browser:

var template = require('bionode-template')
template.greet('World').on('data', console.log)
//=> {"greeting":"Hello World"} 

Please read the documentation for the methods exposed by bionode-template.

Command line examples

$ bionode-template greet World
echo World | bionode-template greet

Usage with Dat

echo World | bionode-template greet | dat import --json


To contribute, clone this repo locally and commit your code on a separate branch.

Please write unit tests for your code, and check that everything works by running the following before opening a pull-request:

$ npm test

To test on the browser:

$ npm run test-browser
# if you get "No headless browser found" do: 
$ npm install -g phantomjs
$ rm ~/.config/browser-launcher/config.json

Please also check for code coverage:

$ npm run coverage

To rebuild and minify the module for the browser:

$ npm run build-browser

To rebuild the documentation using the comments in the code:

$ npm run build-docs

Check the issues for ways to contribute.


Bruno Vieira <> @bmpvieira

Yannick Wurm ( @yannick__


bionode-template is licensed under the MIT license.
Check for details.