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This package is no longer maintained and not a good example of parsing a genome text file using node.js - see for a better 23AndMe parser solution.

Parse raw SNP data into Javascript objects.

The ultimate aim of this component is to be able to parse the raw data from various direct-to-consumer (DTC) SNP genotyping services into a standardised Javascript representation. The API is currently unstable and will likely change.

Currently, only raw data from 23andMe is supported.

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install biojs-io-snparser

All supported formats are listed in the supportedFormats array.

> require('biojs-io-snparser').supportedFormats
[ '23andMe-2015-07-22' ]

All parsing is done asynchronously via the parseAsync method, which returns a Promise which holds the array of newly constructed SNP objects once parsing is done.

> snparser = require('biojs-io-snparser')
{ SNP: { init: [Function: init] },
   Map {
     '23andMe-2015-07-22' => { dialect: [Object], converter: [Function: convert] } },
  supportedFormats: [ '23andMe-2015-07-22' ],
  parseAsync: [Function: parseAsync] }
> rawData = fs.readFileSync('/home/xyz/raw_genotype_data.txt', 'UTF-8'); null  // null is used to suppress output to the console
> snpsPromise = snparser.parseAsync({data: rawData, format: '23andMe-2015-07-22'})
Promise { <pending> }
> snpsPromise.then(snps => console.log(snps.length))
Promise { <pending> }
> 960614
> snpsPromise.then(snps => console.log(snps[42]))
Promise { <pending> }
> { alleles: [ 'G', 'G' ],
  chromosome: 1,
  referenceAssembly: 'GRCh37',
  rsid: 'rs3737728',
  position: 1021415,
  strand: '+' }


All contributions are welcome.


If you have any problem or suggestions, please open an issue here.


This project is not associated with or endorsed in any way by 23andMe.

23andMe is a registered trademark of 23andMe, Inc —