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build status # binpack

Deprecated binary packing utilities for node.js

What's all this?

node now actually contains native code for packing binary buffers so this module is no longer needed. do not use in new code.

see the included COPYING file for licensing.

the core of the module is the set of pack/unpack pair functions. The meaning should be clear from the name - for example, packInt32 packs a given javascript number into a 32-bit int inside a 4-byte node.js Buffer, while unpackFloat32 unpacks a 4-byte node.js Buffer containing a native floating point number into a javascript number.

The following types are available for both pack and unpack:


Each pack* function takes a javascript number and outputs a node.js Buffer.

Each unpack* function takes a node.js Buffer and outputs a javascript number.

Both types of functions take an optional second argument. If this argument is "big", the output is put in big endian format. If the argument is "little", the output is put in little endian format. If the argument is anything else or non-existent, we default to "little" endian [THIS IS NEW BEHAVIOR IN 0.0.15 - previous version would default to the native encoding.].