A Javascript Poker game engine


{Game} = require 'hellmuth'
{Player} = require 'hellmuth'
{NoLimit} = require 'hellmuth'

describe "Basic game", ->
  beforeEach () ->
    @noLimit = new NoLimit(10,20)
    @players = []
    chips = 1000
    misterCallsAll =
      act: (self, status) ->
        if self.wagered < self.minToCall
          self.minToCall - self.wagered
    for n in [0..6]
      @players.push new Player(misterCallsAll, chips, n)

  it "should play the game to completion with run()", (done) ->
    game = new Game(@players, @noLimit)
    game.on 'complete', ->
      assert.ok > 0

Figure out how to safely run JS code from contestants.

  • Stop access to globals
  • No require (No ability to require a file system module or network)
  • Need a way to measure speed and stop slow bots(What's a good limit, 1000ms), fold/check on timeout
  • Prevent errors, fold on error.
  • Require certain attributes: Name
  • Network layer provided, your bot simply has to respond to a game object
  • Prevent setTimeout
  • Run in seperate process, handle excess memory usage, process exceptions, timeouts
  • No limit Texas Hold'em
  • Need live updating scoreboard.
  • Live stats, each player, hands folded, pots one, raises
  • Build a sample bot for testing