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bind-it Build Status

convert between data-first/last and ::

This is a converter function to make a data-first and data-last function working with function-bind-operator


$ npm install --save bind-it


import { bindFirst, bindLast } from 'bind-it';
const data = { id: 1, name: 'foo' };
const hasPropFirst = (data, prop) => !!data[prop];
const hasThisFirst = hasPropFirst::bindFirst()
assert.strictEqual(data::hasThisFirst('name'), true);
assert.strictEqual(data::hasThisFirst('nope'), false);
const hasPropLast = (prop, data) => !!data[prop];
const hasThisLast = hasPropLast::bindLast()
assert.strictEqual(data::hasThisLast('name'), true);
assert.strictEqual(data::hasThisLast('nope'), false);

:: huh?

If you’re wondering what the :: thing means, you’d better read this excellent overview by @jussi-kalliokoski or have a look at the function bind syntax proposal.


MIT © Stoeffel