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    Binance Local Exchange

    License: GPL v3 Gitter

    🏦 What is "BLE" or "Binance Local Exchange"

    You can interact with BLE as if you would be trading with the real Binance API without taking the risk of making an actual trade. All orders calls will be saved in memory (as long as the server is running) and will be internally matched once the price on Binance hits the expected target. In case of a MARKET order the order will be settled at the current market price on Binance.

    Once the order is settled an ExecutionReport is emitted according to the interface of the Binance API. Note that BLE is not 100% local, some endpoints are (always) proxied to Binance. For example kline events will always be proxied to Binance so that BLE can correctly match the orders internally.

    Quick start

    • npx binance-local-exchange
    • Make api calls or point your trading bot to: http://localhost:8000

    Help, it's not working?

    • I can't create an order: make sure to call GET /api/v3/exchangeInfo. (why?)
    • I am not receiving any executionReports:
      • make sure to call POST /api/v3/userDataStream. (why?)
      • make sure to listen for Kline/Candlestick Streams. (why?)

    Still not working? Please open a bug report

    ⚙️ Configuration

    The following configuration options can be configured either by argument or by environment variable.

    Option Env var Description
    -V, --version output the version number
    -p, --port PORT port number (default: 8000)
    -lt, --local-time LOCAL_TIME local time (default: true)
    -lei, --local-exchange-info LOCAL_EXCHANGE_INFO local exchange info (default: true)
    -fm, --fee-maker FEES_MAKER maker fee (default: 0.001)
    -ft, --fee-taker FEES_TAKER taker fee (default: 0.001)
    --I-KNOW-WHAT-I-AM-DOING I_KNOW_WHAT_I_AM_DOING removes all security warnings
    -h, --help display help for command

    For example: export PORT=8001 && npx binance-local-exchange or npx binance-local-exchange -p 8001

    🪝 API endpoints

    Method Path Implemented
    GET /api/v3/exchangeInfo
    POST /api/v3/order
    GET /api/v3/time
    POST /api/v3/userDataStream

    Websocket streams

    Stream Implemented

    Internal server endpoints

    Can be used to debug or get more information about the internal state of the server

    Method Path Implemented Body / Query Info
    GET /server/debug Returns the state of the internal stores
    GET /server/config Returns the configuration that is used by the server
    POST /server/match { symbol: string, price: number } Tries to match open orders.

    🗺️ Roadmap

    • Add support for additional API endpoints
    • Spot account trades
    • Margin account trades
    • ...

    💁 How to contribute?

    • Clone repo git clone
    • Install dependencies cd Binance-local-exchange && npm install
    • Start server npm run start or in watch mode npm run watch
    • Make code changes, test with Postman, create unit tests
    • Open pull request



    Use at your own risk. Neither SockTrader nor any project contributor can be held responsible for any potential losses.


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