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Yet another build/task runner. This one is based on YAML. I like the declarative nature of grunt, but it seems a bit heavyweight to install, and the way things work is more complicated than I need. This is simpler and needs less boilerplate.


npm install -g bild (may require sudo).


Include bild plus whatever plugins (for example bild-coffee and bild-uglify) in the package.json under devDependencies. Run npm install (may require sudo).

Create a file called bild.yaml in the project directory formatted as a list like this:

    files: src/*.coffee
    out: lib
    files: public/js/*.js
    out: public/js/min.js

Run the command bild to compile some files to coffeescript and minify some other files.


Plugins are npm modules named bild-whatever where "whatever" is the word you use in the YAML file. So when bild sees 'coffee' as an item in the list in the YAML, it will require bild-coffee.

Each plugin exports a 'process' function. See, for example, the bild-coffee code.

Running individual tasks

You can give a specific plugin to run on the command line. So with the above YAML, running bild coffee will only execute the coffee task.