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a remote control for keyboard-driven web presentation systems like big. you can load it on your smartphone or ipad, click left or right, and it emits keyboard events with happen that turn pages for you.

load it on a cell phone, run it as a server, include it in your page:

<script src='//localhost:3001/receive.js'></script>


With for communication, expressjs as a server String.replace as a template layer, and happen to shoot real keyboard events to the document.

Designed to work with big, but it should work with any presentation system that looks at keyCodes, responds to arrow keys, and binds its keydown listener on document.


Because my computer doesn't have one of those IR remote things, and when you a 'computer on a chair' situation at a meetup, being prone isn't conducive to rockin.

Also, the slight bit of distrust you should have of a system strung together with websockets, nodejs, and incarnated browser events should add that bit of technical-fear that masks any social anxiety you happen to have.