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    Integrate online classes into Strapi CMS via BigBlueButton open-source video conferencing.

    This free plugin also provides API end-points to easily setup start and join buttons for web conferencing into any frontend app.

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    BigBlueButton plugin for Strapi

    BigBlueButton is like-Zoom for online classes but at a much lower cost, with better analytics, and is open-source.

    Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS. It’s 100% JavaScript, fully customizable and developer-first.

    The BigBlueButton-Strapi plugin enables you to integrate BigBlueButton into Strapi.


    BigBlueButton offers you everything you need for your online classes: HD audio/video conference, whiteboard, chat, slides, polling, raise hand and breakout rooms. Specifically,

    • HD Video Start online classes with HD video conferencing, public and private chat, whiteboard, poll, presentation and screen-sharing
    • Analytics Get analytics including attendance, time used for audio and video chat by students, chat messages sent, activity score
    • Engagement Tools Various tools to engage students including Raise hand, Emoji, Shared notes, Breakout rooms, Recording, and annotation
    • Branding Build and promote your online classes with your brand, url, logo and theme
    • Data Privacy Get complete control of your students’ data, without ever sharing with any 3rd party
    • Scale with ease Use open-source load balancer with multiple BigBlueButton servers to teach 1000s of students simultaneously

    🖐 Requirements

    The requireemnts to install the BigBlueButton-Strapi plugin is same as those to install Strapi.

    Please refer to the official Strapi installation requirement doc here: Installation Requirements.

    Minimum environment requirements

    • Node.js >=14.x.x
    • NPM >=6.x.x

    We are following the official Node.js releases timelines.

    Supported Strapi versions:

    • Strapi v4.1.12 (recently tested)
    • Strapi v4.x

    The BigBlueButton-Strapi plugin is designed for Strapi v4.x. It won't work with Strapi v3.x.


    Use npm to install this plugin within your Strapi project (recommended).

    Refer to this doc to install npm

    npm i bigbluebutton-strapi

    After successful installation you would need to build a fresh package that includes the BigBlueButton-Strapi plugin UI. Please execute the commands below:

    # with npm (option 1)
    $ npm run build
    $ npm run develop
    # with npx (option 2)
    $ npx strapi  build
    $ npx strapi  develop

    The BigBlueButton-Strapi plugin should appear in the Plugins section of Strapi sidebar after you run app again.

    Now you are ready to launch your onlie classes 🎉

    🔧 Configuration

    You can replace the default BigBlueButton URL and Secret with your own server details.

    • Click on Configure Your BigBlueButton URL and Secret.
    • On the configuration page, you can test with the default BigBlueButton URL and Secret. Later on, you can provide your own server details.
    • Click on the Save button to verify the server connection and save it.

    In case you don't have a BigBlueButton server, you can create a free trial account here.


    📝 License

    MIT License

    Copyright (c)


    npm i bigbluebutton-strapi

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