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Prints notes for Big presentations.

Big is great for on-screen and on-projector presentations. For the small screen, when you want to read speakers notes and skim over long presentations, a different kind of view is optimal. big-printer generates that view: on the left side are slides (as PNG files), and the right are speakers notes if any.



npm install -g big-printer

This is a node.js script that wraps phantomjs. It uses a bundled version of phantomjs, so you don't need to install that separately: you just need node.js, and when you run the command above it'll set up everything.


big-printer URL OUTPUT

big-printer has two required options

  1. The URL of the slide deck. This can be a localhost URL, or remote on a server.
  2. A folder name to output slides in. This folder is created and filled with the HTML page and images.

For example,

big-printer jsgeo-notes

Speakers notes

big-printer integrates with big's speakers notes feature: if you add a <notes> element inside of a slide, it'll show those notes in the developer console for the real presentation, and in the right column for the big-printer output.