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Light, ultra-fast javascript implementation for BigIntegers (base arithmetic operations)

BigNumber.js is a light javascript library for node.js and the browser. It supports arithmetic operations on Big Integers.

It is build with performance in mind, uses the fastest algorithms and supports all basic arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /, %, ^, abs). Works with both positive and negative big integers.

: (

Install: npm install

Test: npm test


  • in node:
    var BigNumber = require('big-number');
    // 760056543044267246001 
  • in the browser:
    <script src ="big-number.js"></script>
    // 760056543044267246001 

Supported methods: add/plus, minus/subtract, multiply/mult, divide/div, power/pow, mod, equals, lt, lte, gt, gte, isZero, abs

    BigNumber(2).plus(10); // or 
    BigNumber(2).minus(10); // or 
    BigNumber(2).multiply(10); // or 
    BigNumber(2).divide(10); // or 
    BigNumber(2).power(10); // or