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Bify, Wify, Fwify... erm, something, something... Boilerplate, begone!

MAgIc away some exceedingly boring gulp + browserify boilerplate!

// in gulpfile 
var Const    = require(const) // magic away some function boilerplate 
  , bifywify = require(‘bify-wify’) // bify-wify away! 
// We have a few bundles 
gulp.task(‘bundle:src’,  Const ( bifywify.fbify(‘src/index.js, ‘my.src.bundle.js) ))
gulp.task(‘bundle:test’, Const ( bifywify.fbify(‘tests’, ‘my.tests.bundle.js) ))
// We wanna watch for changes 
gulp.task(‘watch:src’,  Const ( bifywify.fwify(‘src/index.js, ‘my.src.bundle.js) ))
gulp.task(‘watch:test’, Const ( bifywify.fwify(‘tests’, ‘my.tests.bundle.js) ))
gulp.task(‘watch’, [ ‘watch:src’, ‘watch:test’ ])

Easy, right? No more requiring a bunch of vinyl-source-stream and vinyl-buffer and other nonsense just to get browserify and gulp to play nice together, and no need for a special gulp plugin that the gulp people might just blacklist.

It does all that for you.

What's a fbify/fwify?

fbify (entries, outfile, dest, opt) // equiv.: bundle this stuff 
fwify (entries, outfile, dest, opt) // equiv.: watchify this stuff 

Pass 'entries' and 'outfile' to get a task for bundling or watchifying, respectively

Optionally pass in a 'dest' to tell it to put those bundles someplace other than the default folder, 'dist'

And optionally pass in an object for 'opt' with any other browserify/watchify opts that you want set.