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Bifrost is an easy to use and highly configurable color palette for your Sass projects.

It uses the SCSS syntax with human-readable variable naming provided by Sip's handy naming gimmick.

Colors are provided as rgba format to make every value easily adjustable.


Install it from npm (preferred) or bower:

npm install -D bifrost-color
bower install --save-dev bifrost-color

Use it in your Sass files by calling the function and passing the correct parameters:

 * @param {string} color-group
 * @param {string} named-color
ul li {
  color: bifrost(whites, narvik);

See an example of bifrost here



Be sure to add your own colors to help improve the list. Make sure you format them as rgba and respect the rules from scss-lint.

Run tests locally with npm install && npm test and submit a PR.