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Bible Books • npm version

Access the books of the Bible in the traditional Hebrew and Protestant canon with a few handy methods.

Getting Started

yarn install bible-books



Return an individual book of the Bible based on a search input.


Type: string

The string can be the 3 character ID of the book, or the full title of the book from any canon.

getAll(section, orderBy)

Return a list of books from a certain set of books and order them.


Type: string - OT | NT | *


Type: string - hebrew | alpha

Order a list of books by a given canon order or alphabetically. Defaults to Protestant canon.

If ordered according to the Hebrew canon, the OT will be returned first with the Hebrew canon, and the NT (if requested) will be returned after it in traditional protestant order. Alphabetically does not respect the section.


All of the data can be found as two JSON objects in the data directory as new-testament.json or old-testament.json. When using the methods the data will be returned as either a single JSON object (for get()) or an array of Book Objects (for getAll()).

Book Objects

Property Type Optional
titles Title false
order Order false

Title Objects

A title object is a simple object with the name of a book with different languages as keys.

This object is likely to expand in higher versions, with new additions being documented here.

Property Type Description Optional
english string The common English title of the book false
hebrew Object true
hebrew.transliteration string The transliteration of the original Hebrew title of the book false
hebrew.meaning string The translation of the original Hebrew title of the book true

Order Objects

Order objects are assigned to a top-level order object on a book by a sortable key referring to their order within some canon. Currently the two canons accounted for in ordering are the Hebrew canon (Old Testament) and the Protestant canon (Old & New Testaments).

Property Type Description Optional
global number A number indicating the order the book occurs in across the whole testament. false
section Object false
section.title string The traditional title of the section of the Bible according to the given canon false
section.sequence number The order in which the book appears in the given section of the given canon false
section.subtitle string An optional subtitle of the subsection to which the book belongs in the given canon true
section.joinedWith string Certain books that are two books in one canon are considered a single book in other canons. This field references the ID of the book for which it shares a book in the given canon true


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