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BeyondJS The universal meta-framework

The meta-framework for universal packages


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Getting started

Global instalation

npm i -g beyond

Install and create beyondJS package

npx @beyond-js/create-package

The final command is interactive, allowing you to select the type of project you wish to create from the following options:

-   web: Ready to start a web project that can be distributed on the internet or as a mobile application.
    Here you can select between use
    - React
    - Svelte
    - Node
    - Integrate another render engine library.
-   node: Ready to distribute as a project to run in a node environment.
-   backend: Node project that makes available interfaces that could be consumed in real-time with web socket from another node project or a client project.
-   library: Ideal for creating projects intended to be distributed as NPM packages.
-   web-backend: Generates a web project with a backend distribution.
  • --container: you can use it if you want to create your project in a new folder

For more information go to @beyond-js/create-package

You can also go to our documentation site to see the quick start.

Colaborate with us

We are looking for developers who want to help us test the project in all environments. If you work in a javascript environment, and you like the idea of using universal javascript like we do, feel free to download it, try it and contact us.


BeyondJS is following Semantic Versioning 2.0.


npm i beyond

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