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Improved REPL for Node.js inspired by CompoundJS


$ npm install better-repl


$ repl

bette-repl provides the same Node.js REPL with some added functionality.


better-repl adds a global function c which prints out every argument its called with and sets a global variable (_0, _1, _2, etc.) for each argument. This is very useful in the REPL when playing around with async functions. Instead of having to nest complex async functions in one command in the REPL, better-repl allows you to go line by line calling the next function.

For example say you have two async functions async1 and async2. Normally you would write

$ node
> async1('foo', function(x, y) {
... async2(x, y, function(z) {
..... console.log(z);
..... });
... });

But with better-repl you don't have to nest anything

$ repl
> async1('foo', c);
_0 = 'foo'
_1 = 'bar'

> async2(_0, _1, c);
_0 = 'bar'

> console.log(_0);