Betfair Sports API for Node

Betfair Sports API for Node.js

Warning: Please do not use, it is unusable yet

npm install betfair-sports-api

An example of using Betfair Sports API

var betfairUser = "user";
var betfairPassword = "password";

var betfairGlobalService = require("../lib/betfair_global_service.js");

var loginRequest = {
    locationId : "0",
    password : betfairPassword,
    productId : "82",
    username : betfairUser,
    vendorSoftwareId : "0"
console.log("login Request:");

var login = betfairGlobalService.login(loginRequest);
login.execute(function(resp) {
    console.log("login Response:");

Session Management API is used to open, close and get objects of BetfairSession class. There may be multiple sessions at the same time to Betfair using different Betfair accounts.

openSession(login, password) - starts a new session using provided login and password, returns sessionId

getSession(sessionId) - returns the specified BetfairSession object

closeSession(sessionId) - close session with given sessionId, sends logout

'closeAllSessions()' - close all the sessions, sends logout

Example: var betfairSports = require("betfair-sports-api");

// open a session to Betfair API
var id = betfairSports.openSession("MyLogin", "MyPassword");
var session = betfairSports.getSession(id);

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