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fullscreen backgrounds for the slides


fullscreen backgrounds for the slides

NOTE: I haven't written a test or anything, this is super alpha :-P

Download the production version or the development version, or use a package manager.

First, include both bespoke.js and bespoke-fullscreenbackground.js in your page.

Then, simply include the plugin when instantiating your presentation.

bespoke.from('article', {
  fullscreenbackground: true

When you specify a background image with the data-bespoke-fullscreenbackground attribute, the deck will take that image as background and the cover class will be added to its CSS class list.

Example with jade:


Add a cover class to your CSS file with something like this:

.cover {
    background-position: center;
    background-size: cover;
$ bower install bespoke-fullscreenbackground
$ npm install bespoke-fullscreenbackground

The bespoke-fullscreenbackground npm package is designed for use with browserify, e.g.


This plugin was built with generator-bespokeplugin.

MIT License