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This is a JSON parser for the Bennu parser combinator library. This module is good for:

  • working in places where the native JSON.parse function is not available (though other polyfills may be more performant).
  • parsing JSON incrementally.
  • being an example of how to use parser combinators and the Bennu library.


This module exports parsers for json, array, object, number, and string. Using the json parser to parse strings into objects requires using the Bennu library.

var bennu = require('bennu');
var json = require('bennu-json').json;
function jsonParse(str) {
    bennu.lang.then(json, bennu.parse.eof),
console.log(jsonParse('{"a": [-5.12e100, null]}'));
// { a: [ -5.12e+100, null ] } 

You can also do incremental parsing with Bennu:

var bennu = require('bennu');
var json = require('bennu-json').json;
var s1 = bennu.incremental.runInc(bennu.lang.then(json, bennu.parse.eof));
var s2 = bennu.incremental.provideString('[123,45', s1);
var s3 = bennu.incremental.provideString('6,789]', s2);
// [ 123, 456, 789 ]