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bemp is a simple URL router proxy for bem server built on top of COA and node-http-proxy.


  • Use manually started bem server with params --bemhost (default is localhost) and --bemport (default is 8080).
  • Use local project's bem server (e.g. -r cwd).
  • Use bem server from its own dependancies (flag --internal).
  • Use globally install bem server (flag --global).
  • Some very basic default routes table built-in.


sudo npm install -g bemp


sudo bemp --root ~/Sites/bem-www/ -c sample-routes.json

sudo is required to launch server on 80 port.

You can specify host, port and project root. All the params are optional.

See bemp --help for details.

Basic default routes

    "/i/": "/i/",
    "/favicon.ico": "/desktop.bundles/favicon.ico",
    "/robots.txt": "/desktop.bundles/robots.txt",
    "/merged/": "/desktop.bundles/merged/",
    "/": "/desktop.bundles/index/"

Take a look at sample-routes.json for more examples (it's a route table for actually).