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bem-tools-create could be used to create BEM-instances on the file system:

  • blocks
  • elements
  • block or element modifiers


For each BEM-instance only configured tech is created. Configuration could be done via config file (list of default techs), command line arguments or API.

If none tech configured no files will be created.

You can use templates for creating tech. Custom templates could be configured in the config file


Install bem-tools-core to use bem-tools-create via CLI.


bem create [-t includeTech] [-n excludeTech] [-T onlyTech] [-l level] [-f] [-c fileContent] ( -b blockName [-e elemName] [-m modName] [-v modVal] | bem__instance_description )

The command line options are as follows:

Command Description
-t includeTech create tech includeTech in addition to the default tech list for current level. Could be used several times.
-n excludeTech exclude excludeTech from the creation tech list to ignore some default tech for example. Could be used several times.
-T onlyTech create only defined tech(s) totally ignoring all other tech sources (config files etc.) Could be used several times.
-l level defines level of block creation. If set default levels from config file will be ignored. level could be absolute path to level directory or just short name of level configured via config file.
-f force file creation even if file already exists. No warnings will be shown with this option.
-c fileContent defines file content. With this option set template content for current tech is ignored and file will have defined content. If fileContent is empty (-c should be the last option) then content is piped from STDIN
-b blockName -e elemName -m modName -v modVal defines BEM-instance to create. blockName is mandatory part of naming. Another way to define bem instance is using string bem instance description
bem__instance_description string defines bem-instance according to current BEM naming scheme.


Creation of block with the default techs
bem create my-block

Creates block my-block. If default tech was not configured --- creates nothing.

Creation of block with one explicit tech
bem create my-block.css

or the same

bem create my-block -t css

Creates block my-block with technology css in addition to default techs.

Creation of block with several defined techs
bem create my-block.{css,js}

or the same

bem create my-block -t css -t js

Creates block my-block with techs css and js in addition to default techs.

Creation of block with defined techs only
bem create my-block -T css -T js

Creates block my-block only with techs css and js ignoring default techs.

Creation of block excluding some techs
bem create my-block.js -n css

Creates block my-block with techs js and default tech list excluding css.

Level for block creation
bem create level/my-block
bem create my-block -l level

Creates block my-block with the default techs on level level. Short lavel names will be resolved relatively to the config file .bemrc

Force file overwrite

By default existing files will not be overwrited and the list of conflicting files will be shown in warning message. Non-existing file will be created anyway.

To force existing files overwriting option -f could be used

bem create -f -b bl1

In result all existing files will be overwrited without any warnings.

Define file content

To support file creation with custom content (not from configured tempalte) option -c could be used. Content should be defined as command line argument

bem create -b bl1 -T css -c '.bl1
    display: none;

If -c option used with empty value, then content of file will be piped from STDIN.

cat source_file.css | bem create -b bl1 -T css -c

This piped content will be writed in all created files, for example for several default techs or default levels. So -T option and explicit level definition usefull in conjunction with content piping.

Element creation

bem create my-block__elem


bem create -b my-block -e elem

Creates element elem of block my-block with the default techs.

Block modifier creation
bem create my-block_mod
bem create my-block_mod_val


bem create -b my-block -m mod
bem create -b my-block -m mod -v val

Creates modifier mod (with val value if defined) of block my-block with the default techs.

Element modifier creation
bem create my-block__elem_mod
bem create my-block__elem_mod_val


bem create -b my-block -e elem -m mod
bem create -b my-block -e elem -m mod -v val

Creates modifier mod (with val value if defined) of element elem of block my-block with the default techs.


const create = require('bem-tools-create');
create('level1/b1.{css,js}'); // will create b1.css and b1.js in level1/b1 folder
create('b1__e1.{css,js}'); // will create b1/__e1/b1__e1.css and b1/__e1/b1__d1.js on default levels or cwd
create('b1'); // will create b1 with default techs from config on default levels or cwd
    { block: 'b1' },
    { block: 'b1', modName: 'm1', modVal: true },
    { block: 'b1', elem: 'e2' },
    { block: 'b1', elem: 'e2', modName: 'elemMod', modVal: true },
    { block: 'b1', modName: 'm1', modVal: 'v1' }
], ['level1', 'level2'], ['css', 'js', 'bemhtml.js']);


Use bem-config to set up bem-tools-create behaviour.

    "root": true,
    "levels": [
            "path": "level1",
            "scheme": "nested"
            "path": "level2",
            "scheme": "nested"
            "path": "path/to/level3",
            "scheme": "nested"
    "modules": {
        "bem-tools": {
            "plugins": {
                "create": {
                    "techs": [
                        "css", "js"
                    "templateFolder": ".bem/bem-tools-create/lib/templates",
                    "templates": {
                        "js-ymodules": ".bem/bem-tools-create/lib/templates/js"
                    "techsTemplates": {
                        "js": "js-ymodules",
                        "bemtree.js": "bemhtml.js"
                    "levels": {
                        "path/to/level1": {
                            "default": true
                        "path/to/level3": {
                            "techs": ["bemhtml.js"]

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