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Helper library to assist smoke-testing of the bem technologies


npm install bem-smoke


Tech modules testing

You need to require bem-smoke module and call testTech method with a path to your technology module:

    var BEMSmoke = require('bem-smoke');
    var tech = BEMSmoke.testTech('/absolute/path/to/tech');

You can use require.resolve to get an absolute path from module id.

All TechTest modules can be divided into three groups that should be called in order:

  • setup - prepares initial state for a tech;
  • action - performs action you are testing;
  • assert - check the final state after the action.

Example test:

var tech = BEMTesting.testTech(require.resolve('path/to/css-tech'));
    'menu': {
        'menu.css': '.test1 {}',
        '__item': {
            'menu__item.css': '.test2 {}'
.build('/name', {
    deps: [
        {block: 'menu'},
        {block: 'menu', elem: 'item'}
.withContent('@import url(menu/menu.css);',
             '@import url(menu/__item/menu__item.css);',

Setup methods

  • withSourceFiles(fsTree) - specifies how FS tree should look like during a test. Keys of fsTree represent files/directories names. If value of a key is an object, then it represents directory, if it's string or Buffer - file with corresponding content.

  • withLevel(path) - specify level to use during the test. If not called, level at root of a mock fs tree will be used.

  • withLevels(levels) - specifies levels to use for a create/bulid. levels is an array of directory paths.

  • withTechMap(map) - specifies tech map to use during tests. Map format is {"techName": "/absolute/path/to/module"}. Can be useful to resolve base technologies by names.

  • withMockModules(modules) - specifies mocks to use instead of particular modules during the test. Format is {"moduleId": mockObject}. Note, that fs and q-io/fs modules are already mocked by framework. Example:

        'net': {
            createServer: function() {
  • withMockedModulesResolves(modulePaths) - stub require.resolve for tech under the test to return specified path instead of original. Doesn't affect actual module loaded via require. Format is {"moduleId": "/stub/path"}.

  • touchFile(path) - updates access and modification dates for file at path. Should be called after build or create.

Action methods

  • create(elem) - performs create action for the technology. elem.block, elem.elem, elem.mod and elem.val specifies entity to create.

  • build(prefix, decl) - performs build action. prefix specifies output path prefix, decl - declaration to use for a build.

Assert methods

  • producesFile(path) - assert that file at path exists after action finishes.
  • withContent(line1, line2, ...) - assert that file specified at the last producesFile has correct content after action finishes. Each argument represents one expected line of a file.
  • writesToFile(path) - assert that file at path have been written to during the test.
  • notWritesToFile(path) - assert that file at path have not been written to during test.

Utility methods

  • notify(callback) - used with asynchronous test runners, such as mocha to notify runner that test is complete.
  • asserts(callback) - pass a function to this method to execute any additional assertions on a tech.


describe('example', function() {
    it('completes', function(done) {


Licensed under MIT license.