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    Yet another console logger. A pretty and powerful one, though.

    yarn add bellman


    • reg - registers the file from which logging methods will be called to adjust the width of the :caller row

    Default config

    const Logger = require('bellman')
    new Logger()
      .info('info message')
      .debug('debug message')
      .warn('warning message')
      .error('error: %s', new Error())

    Default config

    Custom config

    const Logger = require('bellman')
    const userConfig = {
      timeTmp: 'HH:mm',
      lineTmp: ':level :time :caller :message',
      colorize: true,
      callerColor: 'yellow.bold',
      levelMap: {
        debug: 'blue',
        info: 'green',
        panic: 'red'
      levelMin: 'debug',
      isFullStack: true
    new Logger(userConfig)
      .info('info line')
      .debug('debug line')
      .panic('panic line: %s', new Error())

    Custom config


    • lineTmp - sets the logging line format. Supported placeholders:
      • :time - a timestamp in the format defined by the timeTmp config option
      • :level - a name of the logging method that has been called
      • :caller - a name of the file and a number of the line from which the logging method has been called
      • :message - a formatted message combined from the arguments passed to the logging method (util.format is used to fromat messages)
    • timeTmp - sets the timestamp format (moment is used to format timestamps)
    • colorize - overrides whether the coloring should be used or not (chalk is used for colorization)
    • callerColor - sets the :caller part color.
    • levelMap - sets the names, priorities, and colors of the logging methods
    • levelMin - sets the logging level
    • isFullStack - sets whether the error stack formatter should be used or not
      • if unset, all the lines that refer files out of the project's directory and all the files within node_modules directories will be removed
      • if set, no modifications will be applied to the error-stacks
      • isFullStack may be overridden with STACK=full and FULLSTACK=true environment variables


    • log - emits metadata of a logged line:
      • time - a formateed timestamp
      • level - a name of the logged message that has been called
      • caller - a name of the file and a number of the line from which the logging method has been called
      • message - a formatted message
      • args - arguments passed the logged message



    npm i bellman

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