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Bellhop is a simple event-based communication layer between the page DOM and an iframe. It doesn't require any additional dependencies. The minified version of the library is less than 3K. Super easy to use and setup.


Install can be done with Bower:

bower install bellhop

Alternatively, can be done with NPM:

npm install bellhop-iframe

Basic Usage##

Here's a very simple example to get started. We have two pages index.html and child.html.This is the minimum you need to start get them talking to each other.

Contents of index.html###

<iframe src="child.html" id="page" width="200" height="200"></iframe>
    // Create the bellhop object 
    var bellhop = new Bellhop();
    // Pass in the iframe DOM object 
    // Listen for the 'init' event from the iframe 
    bellhop.on('init', function(event){
        // Handle the event here! 
    // Send data to the iframe 
    bellhop.send('user', {
        "name" : "Dave Smith",
        "age" : 16,
        "city" : "Boston"

Contents of child.html###

    // Create the bellhop object 
    var bellhop = new Bellhop();
    if (!bellhop.supported)
        // Cannot connect to parent page probably 
        // because we aren't within an iframe 
        // An example event to sent to the parent 
        // Handle events from the parent 
        bellhop.on('user', function(event){
            // Capture the data from the event 
            var user =;


Bellhop has one optional dependency which is a polyfill for Function.prototype.bind. The bind method is available in the following browsers: IE 9+, Safari 5.1.4+, Opera 11.60+, Firefox 4.0+, Chrome 7+.


See the documentation for more detailed information about the API.


Copyright (c) 2015 CloudKid

Released under the MIT License.