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    Command line timer

    Small console app which runs a timer and sounds a gong sound in the end of the session and a different gong sound at the end of the rest phase

    By default timer runs for 25m with 5m rest phase

    It can be installed globally with npm install -g bell-timer

    timer runs timer for a 25 minutes

    timer 10m runs timer for ten minutes

    timer 50 runs timer for 50 seconds

    timer 10m --task 'my task' will run timer for 10 min and add stat to DB for with value my task for task field

    timer --get-tasks will show list of tasks from DB like this

    [ 'test', 'test task', 'another task' ]

    timer --get-stats will show stats grouped by task

       first task  --->  03:00
       another task  --->  11:50
       one more  --->  03:15

    timer --remove-task 'test task' removes all the data from DB with a task named test task

    When timer is running it can be paused and unpaused with a spacebar

    Since the app is an instance of eventEmitter it will emit event with on its end

    { finishTime: 1480176012867, duration: 5 }

    timerCompleted and timerTerminated events are triggered on complete and on terminate event

    timer.on('timerCompleted', (evt) => {

    In the end timer will write to stdout amount of time it was used today

    Total time spent today: 3 minutes

    or if key --task specified something similar to this output

    timer 10m --task 'test task'
    Total time for task *test task*: 00:10
    Total time spent today: 00:26

    output for the specified task will be for all the logged time


    npm i bell-timer

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