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    beepboop-smallwins-slack - Run a multi-team smallwins-slack bot on Beep Boop.

    beepboop-smallwins-slack allows bot developers to run a smallwins/slack based bot on the Beep Boop HQ bot hosting platform and support multiple teams.

    Supporting multiple teams from a single bot process is made simpler as beepboop-smallwins-slack handles creating new RTM connections as new teams add your bot.


    npm install --save beepboop-smallwins-slack


    var slack = require('slack')
    var beepboop = require('beepboop-smallwins-slack')
    var workers = beepboop.start(slack, {
      debug: true
    workers.on('start', (bot) => {
      // on bot started register handlers
      bot.hello((message) => {
        // connection succeeded
        console.log('Got a message: ' + JSON.stringify(message))

    see examples/simple.js for an example.

    Module: beepboop-smallwins-slack

    Module has exported function start

    BeepBoop.start([options Object])

    • options.debug Boolean - Logs debug output if true
    • Returns an EventEmitter2 instance. For more information on the events exposed, please see the underlying beepboop module's documentation, as it is what is returned here.

    Accessing slack workers

    Since there can be multiple slack workers spawned (1 for each team), these are exposed via a workers property on the returned beepboop instance after calling start(). The workers property is an object hash where the key is a unique bot token identifying the worker, and the value is the rtm client as returned from slack's listen() function.

    var slack = require('slack')
    var beepboop = require('beepboop-smallwins-slack')
    var workers = beepboop.start(slack, {
      debug: true
    // after teams have been added
    workers.on('start', function (bot) {
      bot.hello(message=> {
        console.log(`Got a message: ${message}`)

    Additional Events

    This module will bubble up events sent from the beepboop-js package


    npm i beepboop-smallwins-slack

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