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The stupid dash in the name was because beehive is another package I hadn't known existed before starting this. Yeah, lessons learned, thanks.

BEE-HIVE lets you launches, tag, monitor and manage multiple node.js ChildProcess(es) with ease.

Install and put in your package.json with:

$ npm install bee-hive --save

!!! Not to be confused with the beehive (without the dash) package !!!


new require('bee-hive').Hive() || require('bee-hive').createHive()

Creates a new Hive to manage your process.

hive.launch( [tag], cmd )

Launch a process and give it a tag for later reference.

hive.processes[ tag ] || hive.get( tag )

Gets the wrapped ChildProcess object from the hive.


Returns all the tags in the hive.


Returns all the processes launched via the hive.

hive.remove( tag )

Removes a tagged process from the hive. Does not kill the process.


Removes all processes from the hive. Does not kill any process.

hive.kill( tag, [signal] )

Sends the tagged process the given kill signal. Signal defaults to node's child.kill() defaults.

hive.killall( [signal] )

Kill all processes in the hive with the given signal.



Bee class, which is what is used by the hive to wrap node.js native ChildProcess object.

new Bee( childProc )

Wraps the given node.js native ChildProcess object.

bee.stdin, bee.stdout, bee.stderr

Bee wraps ChildProcess's stdin, stdout and stderr in a PeekStream which provides a window property that has the last few bytes that was emitted from the stream.

Very handy for logging and instrospection. i.e. see the last few lines from stderr when the process dies.

Otherwise the stream should behaves the same as any ChildProcess stream.


Bee listens for ChildProcess's close and exit event automatically on wraps and will set this property to close and exit respectively when the event happens.

A new bee should have an open state initially.


The originally wrapped process.


  • peekstream` - which provides the windowing feature.




Just ping me @chakrit on twitter. Or just file a new GitHub issue

Pull requests also welcome! :)