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🪨 Bedrock Wrapper

Bedrock Wrapper is an npm package that simplifies the integration of existing OpenAI-compatible API objects with AWS Bedrock's serverless inference LLMs. Follow the steps below to integrate into your own application, or alternativly use the 🔀 Bedrock Proxy Endpoint project to spin up your own custom OpenAI server endpoint for even easier inference (using the standard baseUrl, and apiKey params).


  • install package: npm install bedrock-wrapper


  1. import bedrockWrapper

    import { bedrockWrapper } from "bedrock-wrapper";
  2. create an awsCreds object and fill in your AWS credentials

    const awsCreds = {
        region: AWS_REGION,
        accessKeyId: AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID,
        secretAccessKey: AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY,
  3. clone your openai chat completions object into openaiChatCompletionsCreateObject or create a new one and edit the values

    const openaiChatCompletionsCreateObject = {
        "messages": messages,
        "model": "Llama-3-8b",
        "max_tokens": LLM_MAX_GEN_TOKENS,
        "stream": true,
        "temperature": LLM_TEMPERATURE,
        "top_p": LLM_TOP_P,

    the messages variable should be in openai's role/content format

    messages = [
            role: "system",
            content: "You are a helpful AI assistant that follows instructions extremely well. Answer the user questions accurately. Think step by step before answering the question. You will get a $100 tip if you provide the correct answer.",
            role: "user",
            content: "Describe why openai api standard used by lots of serverless LLM api providers is better than aws bedrock invoke api offered by aws bedrock. Limit your response to five sentences.",
            role: "assistant",
            content: "",

    the model value should be either a corresponding modelName or modelId for the supported bedrock_models (see the Supported Models section below)

  4. call the bedrockWrapper function and pass in the previously defined awsCreds and openaiChatCompletionsCreateObject objects

    // create a variable to hold the complete response
    let completeResponse = "";
    // invoke the streamed bedrock api response
    for await (const chunk of bedrockWrapper(awsCreds, openaiChatCompletionsCreateObject)) {
        completeResponse += chunk;
        // ---------------------------------------------------
        // -- each chunk is streamed as it is received here --
        // ---------------------------------------------------
        process.stdout.write(chunk); // ⇠ do stuff with the streamed chunk
    // console.log(`\n\completeResponse:\n${completeResponse}\n`); // ⇠ optional do stuff with the complete response returned from the API reguardless of stream or not

    if calling the unstreamed version you can call bedrockWrapper like this

    // create a variable to hold the complete response
    let completeResponse = "";
    // invoke the streamed bedrock api response
    if (!{ // invoke the unstreamed bedrock api response
        const response = await bedrockWrapper(awsCreds, openaiChatCompletionsCreateObject);
        for await (const data of response) {
            const jsonString = new TextDecoder().decode(data.body);
            const jsonResponse = JSON.parse(jsonString);
            completeResponse += jsonResponse.generation;
        // ----------------------------------------------------
        // -- unstreamed complete response is available here --
        // ----------------------------------------------------
        console.log(`\n\completeResponse:\n${completeResponse}\n`); // ⇠ do stuff with the complete response

Supported Models

modelName modelId
Llama-3-8b meta.llama3-8b-instruct-v1:0
Llama-3-70b meta.llama3-70b-instruct-v1:0
Mistral-7b mistral.mistral-7b-instruct-v0:2
Mixtral-8x7b mistral.mixtral-8x7b-instruct-v0:1
Mistral-Large mistral.mistral-large-2402-v1:0

To return the list progrmatically you can import and call listBedrockWrapperSupportedModels:

import { listBedrockWrapperSupportedModels } from 'bedrock-wrapper';
console.log(`\nsupported models:\n${JSON.stringify(await listBedrockWrapperSupportedModels())}\n`);

Additional Bedrock model support can be added.
Please modify the bedrock_models.js file and submit a PR 🏆 or create an Issue.

📢 P.S.

In case you missed it at the beginning of this doc, for an even easier setup, use the 🔀 Bedrock Proxy Endpoint project to spin up your own custom OpenAI server endpoint (using the standard baseUrl, and apiKey params).


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