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This repo is used for storage of all emoticon packs that are available on Mixer. If you'd like to create and sell an emoticon pack, open a pull request to this repo. Your pull request should consist of:

  • A subdirectory with a sensible name
  • An index.json in that subdirectory. See below.
  • One or more SVG or PNG files within the directory for each emoticon. Every svg:
    • should not be compressed or minified,
    • should have a url-friendly filename,
    • may be no larger than 64x64 pixels and 50 kb at maximum
    • and should be of reasonable filesize and be artifact-free.

Running npm test will tell you if there are any errors with your pack. Please make sure you have rsvg-convert installed to build the pack. (librsvg2-bin on Ubuntu)

index.json format

The index.json describes your emoticon pack to us. It can contain the following sections and subsections:

  • name - The display name of the page.
  • authors - An array of strings indicating the original authors and their copyright status.
  • emoticons - A map of typed strings to their svg correspondents. For example, the entry ":)": "smile" would cause smile.svg to be displayed in place of :). Emoticon codes must not contain spaces, <, or > symbols.


Every emotion in this pack is copyright by their respective owners, as indicated in their index.json. By submitting a pull request to this repository, you acknowledge that you own or have rights to distribute and sublicense the emoticons, and that your content does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of a third party. By opening a pull request you understand that, while maintaining copyright, you grant Microsoft a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use the contents of your pull request on the Mixer website (https://mixer.com) and that of related services.




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