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Shakespeare approved!

to Be.js or not to Be

What is Be.js?

Be.js is a library for Web Browsers and Node.js that shortens and DRYes the way you interact with simple, yet, repetitive string and number manipulations, conversions and operations, the right way, by providing simple and easy to use functions for minimizing error prone tasks, with performance and compatibility in focus.


  • Be friendly. Don't get in the way of other libraries, play well.
  • Be easy and self-explanatory. Code as manual. Code as poetry.
  • Be faster. Favor speed over aesthetics in the core.
  • Be lightweight. No dependencies.
  • Be worries free.
  • Be fun to use.
  • Be transparent. Consistent between different javascript runtimes environments and browser.
  • Be modular. Designed to be easily hacked and easily plugged in.