A better browser cat (bcat) - Pipe content directly to your browser

bdog - A better bcat

bdog is a commandline utillity written in nodejs. Its functionality is inspired by bcat by Ryan Tomayko, which is a cat utillity for the browser.

I always liked the ability to stream logfiles, json responses or whatever output I came accross inside a terminal to my browser window. The only thing I was always missing was a more sophisticated view inside the browser (eg. Syntax highlighting, JSON data as an unfoldable tree structure, animation highlights if new lines are recieved.). That's why I decided to hack together bdog. As with cat and dog, bdog is supposed to be a better bcat.

The basic implementation currently ready mimics most of bcats basic behaviour. Therefore it can be used as a drop in replacement in most situations currently. The application architecture allows for easy integration of advanced views and all the graphical stuff I would like in the future. Currently none of those are implemented. They will follow as soon as I got some more spare time.

You may install a running version of bdog using npm:

npm install bdog -g

The above command will install the bdog command globally for your current system.

An alternative to using npm for installing is to simply clone the git repository. After that a certain amount of preparation needs to be done in order to install all needed dependencies:

npm install

The npm install task should automatically run grunt to create a build of the software inside the dist folder. Every time you change the code grunt is needed to be run in order to compile the coffee-script code into javascript code