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AOP with Promises

usage example

var bbq = require('bbq')
function foo(){
  // return a promise 
bbq(foo, {
  before: function () {
    this.start =
  after: function () {
    this.end =
    this.elapsed = this.end - this.start
    console.log('promise resolved in ' + this.elapsed + 'ms')
.then(function (resolvedValOfFoo) {
  // stuff 


bbq: (promiser: () => Promise, advice?: {before: Function, after: Function}) => Promise

before and after are AOP advice, functions which can modify the control flow of the promiser.

  • Advice can modify the return value by returning other than undefined or a Promise of undefined.
  • Advice is called in the this context of a state object, which can be used to keep track of state between before and after advice for that promiser invocation.
  • If before advice returns a value, it will short-circuit the promiser from being called.
  • after advice has this.val set to the return value of the promiser. If after returns a value other than undefined or a Promise of undefined, it will be the ultimate resolved value; otherwise this.val will be used.


$ npm install bbq

running the tests

From package root:

$ npm install
$ npm test



MIT. (c) MMXIII jden See