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Run JSLint on BBEdit's frontmost text document.


Run JSHint on the javascript code in your frontmost (and saved) BBEdit document, and see the results in a Result Browser window.

Note that for now, the text document must be saved before bbjshint can check it.

Use from BBEdit's Scripts menu by either installing or symlinking bbjshint to BBEdit's Scripts folder. This is ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Scripts or perhaps ~/Dropbox/Application Support/BBEdit/Scripts. You can show this folder from BBEdit by going to the scripts menu and choosing "Open Scripts Folder".

npm install --global bbjshint (or, sudo npm install --global bbjshint)
cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/BBEdit/Scripts/
ln -s `which bbjshint`

bbjshint will use the first .jshintrc file it finds, starting from the directory of the document being checked, and looking in each subsequent parent directory. If no .jshintrc file is found, then ./jshint-flags.json will be used.

Comments are also allowed in the .jshintrc, as seen in this example.

See bbresults.