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A really pointless Node JS library to expand strings and numbers into expanded "phonetic" equivalents, and accept its own output back. It also read the output aloud for some reason. Its a really, really useless little chunk of code.


npm install baxterize


var Baxterize = require('baxterize');
var baxter = new Baxterize();
const pointless = baxter.expand('wellthisispointless');
> 'double-u-eee-ell-ell-tea-aitch-eye-ess-eye-ess-pea-oh-eye-enn-tea-ell-eee-ess-ess'
> 'wellthisispointless'


Name type Use
speak bool Will attempt to read aloud the result of any contract or expand request
write bool Will attempt to write out the a wav output of any contract or expand request. This is written out in project root.
type string This allows for a few different types of translating. Supported types are alpha, phonetic, bin and hex (yes, this is rather stupid when it could be accomplished by a single map)
map object this allows you to specify how the input should be transformed. This is a simple key/value pair