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Demonstrates how easy it is to decorate a baucis REST API with custom functionality.

What this example does

  • Exposes a REST API at /api and /dev/api with 3 main endpoints, resources, users, and logs
  • The users and logs endpoints inherit properties and decorators from resources
  • Uses decorators to automatically add the following functionality:
    • reserved properties
    • automatically update properties
    • init default properties using the Express request object
    • set properties only once
    • adds endpoints for certain properties under development via /dev/api
    • authorization (access control) depending on the values of certain properties
    • properties for voting
  • Exposes details of the REST API at /api-docs using Swagger
  • Logs the Express app errors
  • Sets a Stripe token depending on the Node process environment
  • Redirects to https://www. if in the production environment
  • Initializes a mongoose database under mongodb://localhost/baucis-decorators-example
  • Uses mongoose as the session store
  • Allows file uploads
  • Enables gzip compression after 256 bytes

Try it out

git clone
cd baucis-decorators-example
node server/app.js
open localhost:8080/api-docs

How it works

It's probably easiest to just check out the source code in the following order:

  1. server/app.js
  2. routes/api.js
  3. props

And to see how each decorator works, check each repository within this list.