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This is my first use of Gulp, so it's probably terrible.

I created a build system for use with simple projects. It uses Less.js for stylesheets, Jade for templates, and Browserify for JavaScript.

Example usage

var config = {
	/* Names of extra tasks to run during build step */
	extraTasks: [],
	paths: {
		/* Relative path to output directory */
		out: 'out'
	bundles: {
		/* Client javascript bundle and source-map*/
		client: 'client.js',
		clientMap: 'client.json',
		/* Vendor javascript bundle */
		vendor: 'vendor.js',
		/* Stylesheet */
		styles: 'style.css'
	globs: {
		/* Passed to BROWSERIFY entry point(s) */
		js: ['./script.js'],
		/* Glob for LESS entry point(s) */
		less: ['style.less'],
		/* Glob for JADE templates */
		jade: ['pages/*.jade', 'pages/**/*.jade'],
		/* Glob for NPM files to copy to output folder */
		npmAssets: ['./node_modules/**/*.@(png|jpg|jpeg|gif|woff|woff2|eot|ttf|otf|svg)']
	 * Path to list of Google Webfonts to install
	 * See my battlesnake/gulp-google-webfonts gulp plugin
	fonts: 'fonts.list',
	 * Used to generate vendor script bundle - simply globbing in
	 * node_modules would pull in devDependencies too, which we do not want
	dependencies: require('./package.json').dependencies,
	 * Dependencies which contain no JavaScript, and thus which shouldn't be
	 * added to the vendor bundle
	jsFreeDependencies: ['font-awesome'],
	/* Parameters for testing (gulp test) */
	test: {
		/* Port for test HTTP server to listen on */
		port: 1234

/* Generate the build system */
var battlemake = require('battlemake')(config);


live=1 gulp - build files for deployment (takes ages), exit afterwards instead of watching for changes.

gulp where live is empty or zero - build files for testing (no minification, much quicker), start watchers to do incremental rebuilds when files change.

gulp test - As before, but a connect.js web server is also launched from the output directory.




npm i battlemake

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