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job queue for shell scripts, writing output to blob storage

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queue a shell command

push a shell command onto the queue:

var batchdb = require('batchdb-shell');
var db = require('level')('/tmp/compute.db');
var compute = batchdb(db, { path: '/tmp/compute.blobs' });
var cmd = process.argv.slice(2).join(' ');

run a command

run the queued commands, one after the other:

var batchdb = require('batchdb-shell');
var db = require('level')('/tmp/compute.db');
var compute = batchdb(db, { path: '/tmp/compute.blobs' });
compute.on('result', function (key, id) {
    console.log('RESULT', id);

show a result

show the result of a command, printing colorized results for stderr and stdout:

var batchdb = require('batchdb-shell');
var colorize = require('ansi-color-stream');
var db = require('level')('/tmp/compute.db');
var compute = batchdb(db, { path: '/tmp/compute.blobs' });
var id = process.argv[2];
var p = compute.getOutput(id)

example output

$ node add.js date
$ node add.js 'date; uptime'
$ node add.js 'blah'
$ node run.js 
RESULT f15843b6c84fc23bd48623dc259968e759dd6bc0b84e69dd504d89f34f59e261
RESULT 82d7fce3b92dae949e8cd5b963c7bbf0948fa04a71b0752eed4fa1dae12a0726
RESULT 011a9bed9ed841dbc2be80244322904cd86a5f83ef15f1489f5acc9be416a8c1
$ node show.js f15843b6c84fc23bd48623dc259968e759dd6bc0b84e69dd504d89f34f59e261
Fri Sep  5 00:35:56 PDT 2014
$ node show.js 82d7fce3b92dae949e8cd5b963c7bbf0948fa04a71b0752eed4fa1dae12a0726
Fri Sep  5 00:35:56 PDT 2014
 00:35:56 up 2 days,  9:35,  8 users,  load average: 1.41, 1.13, 1.05
$ node show.js 011a9bed9ed841dbc2be80244322904cd86a5f83ef15f1489f5acc9be416a8c1
/bin/bash: line 1: blah: command not found


var batchdb = require('batchdb-shell')

var compute = batchdb(db, opts)

Return a compute instance with all the methods from batchdb plus the extra ones documented here.

The jobs will be spawned in, which defaults to the $SHELL environment variable or 'cmd' on windows and 'sh' everywhere else.

The stderr and stdout of spawned processes are packed by multiplex and can be unpacked again with compute.getOutput().

Just like batchdb, you can pass in a custom

var sh = compute.getOutput(key)

Return an object sh with stdout and stderr readable stream properties from the results of the result identified by the result key key.

This is similar to compute.getResult(key), but with decoded channels.

sh.exitCode(function (code) {})

Read the exit code from the output result.


sh.on('exit', function (code) {})

The recorded exit code is saved and emitted on an 'exit' event.


With npm do:

npm install batchdb-shell