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Pronounced "Base Loader."

Loads "pages" that get loaded and unloaded based on route changes. This is actually just a backbone view whose element should be set to the content area that pages should be set to.

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Usage 1 - String page_key, Object page_object )

Registers a page. When any of the routes listed in the routes array of the page_object are triggered, this page will be loaded. See the Page Object section below for more details.


// Create the loader
var loader = new Bassloader({
	el: document.getElementById("content")

// Define a page
var HomeView = Backbone.View.extend({});
var page = {
	"routes": ["","/","home"],
	"view": HomeView

// Register the page"home", page);

Usage 2 - Object pages )

Registers multiple pages at a time. Same as above, but using a map, allowing for more than one page to be registered at once:

// Create the loader
var loader = new Bassloader({ el: document.getElementById("content")});

// Define the pages
var pages = {
	"home": {
		"routes": ["","/","home"],
		"view": HomeView
	"contact": {
		"routes": ["contact","contact/:method"],
		"view": ContactView

// Register the pages;

Usage 3 : String page_key )

Retrieves the page object with the page_key identifier.

Page Object


	"routes": ["/route1/:param1", "/alternate_route/:param1"],
	"view": Backbone.View,
	"paramList": ["p1"]