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Transpiled Basscss Sass partials

This repository is provided as a convenience for users working within a Sass build process. Basscss is written in standard, spec-compliant CSS, using some new features like custom media queries and custom properties, and is distributed across multiple modules.

If you have any choice in the matter, I highly recommend using PostCSS instead of Sass.

Getting Started

npm install basscss-sass
bower install basscss-sass

Sass Tips

Using Sass as a preprocessor can cause numerous issues when working on large scale CSS with multiple contributors. I recommend following these tips when using Sass.

  • Never use @extend. @extend is an anti-pattern, and Basscss is not intended to work with this functionality in Sass.
  • Avoid Mixins Mixins lead to unnecessary complexity, are generally poorly understood, often lead to code bloat, and do not align with Basscss's design principles.
  • Avoid Nesting Selectors To maintain the composability of Basscss, avoid nesting selectors as much as possible.


The scss files in this repository are not source files. They are transpiled from their respective CSS modules using the css-scss module.

Do not edit the scss files in this repository.

See <> for more.

MIT License