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base91 implementation in javascript for node.js and browsers


base91.js is a base91 implementation in javascript that allows encoding/decoding of data to/from an ASCII representation that is more compact than base64.

More information about the base91 algorithm itself can be found here.


  • node.js -- v0.8.0 or newer, or any browser


npm install base91


var base91 = require('base91');
console.log(base91.encode('node.js rules!'));
console.log(base91.decode(base91.encode('node.js rules!')).toString());
// outputs: 
// lref5gTT$FQ;C90ohA 
// node.js rules! 


  • encode(< mixed >data) - string - Encodes data and returns the resulting base91 representation. data can be a string or an Array-like object (e.g. Buffer in node.js, Uint8Array or Array in browsers).

  • decode(< string >encodedData) - mixed - Decodes encodedData and returns the result. For node.js, it will return a Buffer, otherwise it will return a Uint8Array if available, or a plain Array as a final fallback.