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An Implementation of Base58 and Base58Check encoding using bignum library.


An implementation of Base58 and Base58Check encodings for nodejs. Note, the implementation of Base58Check differs slightly from that described on Wikipedia in that it does not prepend a version byte onto the data being encoded. This implementation uses the bignum library (which is a native module and uses the openssl bignumber library functions).

NOTE: earlier versions of this package used native C code instead of bignum, but it was found to be unstable in a production environment (likely due to bugs in the C code). This version uses bignum and appears to be very stable, but slower. The C version of this package is still available on the "native-module" branch. A few additional methods added to bignum would probably bring the speed of this version on part with with C version.


npm install base58-native


var base58 = require('base58-native');

var base58Check = require('base58-native').base58Check;